pic for about page PW1In 1998, at a hospital in Harrow, London, I was in intensive care (I am wearing the brown shirt in picture). I had already had multiple major surgeries, lost half my body weight and been in hospital for four months due to ulcerative colitis. Every second I was in intensive care, my life was in danger. The doctors for the first time told my family to pray, hope for the best, and to just keep speaking to me. The doctors said there was nothing left that they or anyone could do…….

I suddenly heard a voice…..I could hear my younger brother. It felt like I was drowning, and gasping for breath but I could hear a voice calling me and it felt like his hand was pulling me from the water. I then woke up….machines beeping around me. I was disorientated, medical staff frantically running around, my mum crying. I smiled, and said “take me back to the ward” I knew where and who I was.

Over the following years, I underwent more surgery, and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, I went back to university and achieved a First Class Honours in Economics, and was awarded the University prize for personal endeavour.

I created Panesar Wellbeing in response to my own experiences. When I was vulnerable and desperate for help, I attended self-help courses, and tried many alternative therapies. The shocking aspect was that nearly everyone I went to convinced me that they could help, and they were the best option and not my GP. In reality, many just wanted to further their own financial gain.

I promised myself that when I recovered I would create a wellbeing service where the person’s health and recovery was the most important factor. Therefore, many people who approach us will be advised to contact their Medical Practioner the NHS, as this will be the best option for them. We may lose a client but we will gain your trust and goodwill.

Begin your new life – I certainly did. I am testament that YOU can turn your life around. There are many people who have stories just like me.

I promise you there is hope, honesty, support and a better future for us all.

Keep well

Gurdeep Singh
Panesar Wellbeing