Life Coaching

In football, where there is a specific amount of time and a clear winner, the coach’s influence is pretty easy to see. A great coach can take a good team and mould them into champions. Likewise sometimes you have a team filled with champions that are unable to win major trophies because they don’t work well as a team.

Benefits from life coaching can be immediate and often last a life time. Often a life / performance coach will offer a valuable suggestion or ask a question in a way that changes your thinking immediately.

The key difference that a life coach will make in your life is to help you reach your goals faster and easier than you can on your own. A life coach will help you with questions, encouragement and short cuts that you might not have known on your own, without being asked certain open questions. A life coach can be the difference between dreaming and making the dream a reality.

Some people have life coaching for a specific situation such as job interview or an important occasion. For others it’s about working on one or two areas of their lives such as relationships or career; or on a particular aspect of themselves such as self-confidence, assertiveness or procrastination.

Of course, many people are seeking deeper change…literally a life change, where they change their situation AND improve themselves as people and ultimately live a happier, more successful life.

Life coaching is now a well-known profession and mainstream service and it’s certainly no secret that many of the most talented and successful people on the planet are being (or have been) coached in some way. In fact, pick any happy, successful person you can think of and I’m confident they’ll have been coached somewhere along their journey.

Some of the universal benefits of life coaching:

  • Leads you to a deeper understanding of yourself: who you are, what’s important to you, what you want and why.
  • Leads you to clarify your dreams and ambitions.
  • Focuses you on making the right choices for you and taking actions that will get you what you want.
  • Moves you from where you are now to where you’d like to be.
  • Empowers you with new knowledge, skills and mentality to optimise your life.
  • Provides the structure, discipline, motivation and support that leads you to live better and achieve more than you would without coaching.
  • Removes the interference and barriers that stand in your way to a happier life.
  • Shows you how to overcome whatever obstacles life throws at you, in pursuit of your happiness.

It’s important to note that the answers come from you and the purpose of life coaching is to assist you in finding the right answers for yourself.

We certainly don’t ‘teach’ you in a conventional sense and give you all the answers (although you definitely will learn). You make the choices and develop the thinking and behaviours that will deliver you a better life – the life you crave. Beyond that, we show you how to coach yourself so you can anticipate and recognise the signals of fear and start to be able to challenge negative self-beliefs that are holding you back.

Stop saying “I can’t”. You can, you just choose not to…..