Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your 3 hour course held Sunday 27th May 2012 . The course was brilliant and you, Gurdeep outstanding with your delivery. Today for the first time after the course, I spent about an hour with some techniqes that I learnt and must say am totally relaxed, feeling very calm and full of energy - done some gardening, housework and am still not feeling tired.

Just dealt with a very annoying person at the end of the phone and when I felt myself getting worked up, I remembered my breathing, that special place in my life and must admit did not loose the plot !!!, Ken noticed and was most impressed so in all the tips I picked up from the course working for me and I will continue to work with them each day.

Sue Cole

Thank you for a very worthwhile day spent attending your 'Wellbeing Course' on 27th May 2012.

I found the content and your delivery original, insightful and inspirational and would have no hesitation in recommending it.

SLP Consulting

I attended your well being course earlier this year and having been a little hesitant due to being on similar courses before over my professional career without gaining much noticeable difference in my feelings. I want to thank you for what was a very worthwhile day. To my surprise I have been using the techniques most days and have found them to help me relax far more ,feel calmer and to have a much better balanced outlook when it comes to my work-life split.

Mark Langford

When I signed myself onto the Wellbeing I had no idea what I was expecting. The beginners counselling methods and brief discussions gave me the opportunity to understand myself better and relate to other experiences. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to take time out of everyday life and relax. I would recommend this course to everyone to experience it. Take time out and get to know your own self. Many Thanks to Gurdeep for running the course at St. Marks Hospital.

Heena Anovadia
St. Marks Hospital, Harrow

The mindfulness meditation course was very good. I am always tired, and I did find the meditation calming and relaxing. I fell asleep! I felt very good after the meditation and felt more alert. I am definitely going to try to continue to do this more. If it even helps just a little bit this is better than where I was before.
I also spoke to the teacher post course for more advice and got some free candles! I would highly recommend this course.

Simmi Dadwal
(Care Co-ordinator) Care Watch Harrow

The meditation course for stress I attended was extremely good. It was very beneficial. I will try and use the techniques I learnt after the course.
My job is very stressful and sometimes turning your mind off from work is difficult. This spoils over into my home life and my partner and family get the after effects.
The meditation is going be very useful indeed. Just by doing that I will be able to relax and turn my mind off. By getting into the state of mindfulness meditation I will be able to focus more and also be more productive. During my “check out” I was emotionally and very happy. Thank you very much for all your effort.


The self-transformation course I attended was superb. I especially found the counselling and listening skills section very helpful. The course was delivered really well, the tutor taught very patiently and made us all feel valued. I loved the self- transformation course I attended and would not hesitate recommending it. I felt love and very emotional. I was very proud x

Non-Food Clothing Manager, Asda, Wembey

I left the self-transformation course I attended feeling empowered and full of energy. I felt love and support from the tutor and other participants. The course exceeded my expectations. It was largely practical based and the teaching style was very interactive. I was surprised how honest and open I was during the course – this was based on the trust and confidence I had with the tutor. Thank you!

Sonia Sehmi
Edexcel (London)

I learnt techniques on how to improve my presentation skills and I felt so much more confident after the life coaching course. I really like the self-test which determined my preferred learning style. This was not only helpful during the course but also post course I have taken this knowledge into other areas of my life. Thanks for the helping achieve success in my life!

Business Link (London)